About Me

 Hi, and welcome to my website. As an indie children's book author and illustrator, I am excited to share with you my passion for helping to animate children's imaginations while at the same time challenge their budding intellect.

My first published book was Lily's Magic Light, an environmental adventure story where a little girl saves the world from never ending storms. More recently and within the last few years I have been engaged in developing a book series designed to stimulate children to think beyond the obvious. This series I call:   "Fun With Hidden Words". The first book is titled The Hat in That, the second is Catch the Cat and the third and final is Eat the Treat. These are fun and lively books filled with rhyme, short stories and tongue twisters. They can even be used as sing-a-longs.

The concept for these books emerged when I was teaching my son to read and write. Since he was born in a non-English speaking country and only heard the English language at the age of 7, I realised I needed to assist him with reading and writing and quickly!  On one occasion, when he was learning the word "that", an epiphany moment arose. I said, do you see that there is a Hat in That? Perplexed he said "What?"....and I said, “Yes, There is a Hat in What Too, See That! He was amazed, because it all rhymed and suddenly he learned to write a new word by just changing one letter.  I began to wonder, how many more words we could tap into to discover interesting hidden ones.  From that point on we had a lot of fun discovering that there is a 'hen" in "when" and "ink" in the "sink" and “ice" in the "rice” and so many other fun combinations. As a result of this experience the idea for the children’s book: The Hat in That arose.

Throughout some of my presentations, I have seen children's eyes light up when they discover that there is more to these books then simple words and rhymes, they are challenged to discover the hidden words within the mother word. Often I do an exercise with them, by asking them to discover the hidden words within a designated word, such as “plant” and to write a little poem along with a drawing to show how they combine. It's a great deal of fun, for both children and adults alike.

All my books can be purchased on Amazon, in either paper or e-book format. Follow this link if you are interested in purchasing.

Additionally, I'm available for signings and public readings. Please contact me directly by using this contact form.

Thank you for taking an interest in my work. I hope you and your children enjoy discovering the world of hidden words.