About Me


Esmeralda Carvalho

Hi, I'm Esmeralda Carvalho and I enjoy drawing and writing as a pastime.  My work has been published in many educational and health related pamphlets, booklets, books. Lily’s Magic Light is my first published children’s story. In this book I share two of her passions, adventure and my love of nature. More recently I've written and illustrated  a new children’s book series called  "Fun With Hidden Words". The first book of the series is The Hat in That, the second book is Catch the Cat and the third, which I just published this year is Eat the Treat. These are fun and lively books for children of all ages who love to read and rhyme and find the challenge of finding hidden words. Currently I work as a self-employed Webdesigner and my portfolio can be seen at here. I'm available for signings and public readings. Please contact me directly by using the contact form. Thank you for taking an interest in my work. I hope you enjoy it.