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kids-in-school-8-22-12School Can Be Boring

Leaning can be dreadful for some children, especially when creativity is suppressed within them. Though reading and writing are great skills to have because they engage the imagination, these are still strictly abstract ways of learning and mainly focussed on left brain logical thinking. For children to learn properly, both sides of the brain must be engaged, especially the right side, the creative expression. However, what I find is that the methods being used in schools are outdated and frankly, insult the intelligence of children, by boring or aggravating them.  I have seen this with my own child and with other children. As Ken Robinson states in his books and excellent TED talks, creativity is the key to motivating and engaging children.  Leaving out the artistic expression, or keeping it tightly controlled within art (or drama) classes; which are few and non-mandatory in most schools, keeps children in a frustrated mindset, and I would add, creates a painful experience for them. At a young age, children are quickly weaned out of playing with pots and pans, dolls, blocks to working exclusively with paper and pencils. By grade one and two they are forced to sit in classes facing the back of each other’s heads, thus breaking social interactions and imposing a strict focus on the teacher.  It is no surprise that teachers feel frustrated because they can’t keep kids quiet or seated. Many teachers are now realizing the circle format is much more engaging and a more humane way of setting up a classroom. Using games and social interactions, and incorporating artistic tools in every class keeps kids more motivated and focussed. This too could be the mentality of parents when helping their kids with school work.  Often parents repeat the methods used in schools, further stressing out their kids.children Academic success should be secondary to personal success. Ensuring kids grow up healthy and mentally strong means engaging them in stimulating and creative learning activities.

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